Nadine Roberts Cornish - Speaker

Nadine R. Cornish is a Certified Senior Advisor, Gerontologist, Coach, Consultant, Author and an Impactful and Transformational Speaker.

Passionate about all things related to caregiving, Nadine is author of the award winning book, Tears in My Gumbo…The Caregiver’s Recipe for Resilience. Nadine shares her personal journey as caregiver and the enchanting stories, lessons learned and shared with the many caregivers she’s served as Consultant and Coach. Nadine educates, enlightens, empowers and entertains.  She is now completing her second book in the Gumbo Series Called, Prayers In My Gumbo.  

Her speaking style is warm, passionate and engaging. She handles difficult topics skillfully with an infusion of humor and examples of practical application. As we all brace for the Silver Tsunami and the demands of caregiving, Nadine is the breath of fresh air and inspiration needed to help us all, weather the storm.

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