What Can TCG do for your Business?

We have Created and Implemented C.A.R.E.E.E. - Caregiving Advocacy & Resources Empowering Employees and Employers 

  • We Educate, Inspire & Empower Caregivers
  • We Conduct Caregiver Symposiums for Businesses, Organizations and Spiritual Centers
  • We Enhance Employee Productivity by decreasing stress, identifying practical solutions and creating a safe space to grow, share, learn and expand
  • We Offer Group and Online Coaching and Counseling Sessions
  • We Offer Private Online Caregiver Support Groups 


 Fun Facts: Lunch and Learn Workshops boost morale, educate and empower the caregiver and those who support the caregiver. This enhances employee productivity and confidence during challenging times and ultimately, positively affects the bottom line.

  • TCG answers the difficult and stressful questions - 
  • TCG provides resources and removes the frustration of the unknown.
  • TCG provides consultations that calms concerns and empowers each employee in the development of a plan of self-care.
  • TCG offers employee-caregivers a sense of contentment in knowing that they’re not alone


Increase employee retention and loyalty– If employees know that work is a safe haven during their caregiving journey, it becomes the place they WANT to come to. TCG services reduces stress and increases focus on WORK instead of their loved one’s illness.

Many employees do not feel safe disclosing their caregiving realities to their employer. They hide their responsibilities fearing a stigma that will impact their reputation and opportunities for advancement.