11 March
by Nadine Cornish

Throughout my career as a coach and consultant I’ve talked to a number of people who have subscribed to the idea of Self Sacrifice being the equivalent of being a good caregiver.  For some, the idea of putting self first seems wrong and appears selfish. 

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Putting your loved one’s needs before your own may seem like the natural thing to do.  However, it negates the most important person in the equation, YOU.  Self care affords you the internal resources to garner whatever it is you may need along the caregiving journey.  It positively impacts your mental, emotional and spiritual well being.  It stimulates better rest and greater patience and understanding.

Self Care is about setting an intention and deciding that you must be the priority in your own life in order to provide the best possible care for your loved one. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated – Start with small steps –

  • ·         Daily Devotion, Prayer or Meditation
  • ·         A 30 minute walk in the neighborhood
  • ·         Lunch with a friend
  • ·         Listen to your favorite music
  • ·         Dance, Take a Nap, Read a book, Journal, Call someone that you love to talk to

Self Care is a conscious decision that good caregivers make on a daily basis. 



11 January
by Super User

Can you believe January 2016 is already over and it's now February?  Is it just me or is time literally moving warp speed ahead?  A great friend of mine once said that time only moves swiftly for those of us who are shaking and moving,  when life is good and you're experiencing life's sweet spot.  Until that statement was made, I hadn't considered that perspective and I am pondering it once again, particularly from the perspective of a caregiver.

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11 December
by Nadine Cornish

I still don’t know how it happened but once again the holidays are upon us. In just a blink of an eye, it’s that time of year again. And if this isn’t your first go-round as a caregiver navigating the waters during the holidays then you’ve likely learned a thing or two and here are additional suggestions. If it is your first time around, chances are, you’ll find this useful.

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