Things Are Different


No one could have imagined three months ago, that the words quarantine, sheltering in place, face masks and disinfectant would be common place terminology and activities for us.  The past six weeks have been unprecedented in every way.  I have been intentional about being still, quiet and ultimately what my response is as to what and how TCG addresses this pandemic with its clients.

First and foremost, I reiterate and remind you, that we are here for you.  For every caregiver that has a need or desire to reach out to talk, we are here.  I've worked every day, including Sundays to answer calls, offer support.  I've talked to far too many families who have lost a loved one to this disease but I've talked to many who have had a love one survive the Coronavirus.  The feelings and emotions run the full gamut and we're here for all of it.  You can schedule a free consultation on the website at

We're also conducting weekly "Calling All Caregivers" support sessions - Mondays @ 5pm MST via Zoom.  You have to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the link to the call.  

I started my second book, Prayers In My Gumbo last year and in this season of Coronavirus, I will be completing and releasing that book.  In God's infinite wisdom, he timed this project such that it would be an inspiration for those who will gain solace and consolation from the power of prayer, musings and meditations.  I will begin offering live readings and interviews on FB and YouTube beginning April 27th.  The book will be available in June.  

In the midst of the quiet and unexpected reprieve, meditation, gratitude and simplicity have ruled the day for me.  I've been intentional about my self care and prioritized it so that walking, getting sun, playing basketball and riding my bike are now pretty routine activities.  Home cooked meals have taken over as the norm and I'm enjoying a lot of video conferencing time with friends, family and others.

I'm finding peace in staying put.  No, this was not the plan for 2020 but it's OK.  I can absolutely adjust to this new norm of staying put, being still, enjoying my own company and connecting with family and friends.  I'm grateful for so many things and have much more to be grateful for.  That includes this mission of serving.  So please know, that as I pray daily, you are part of those prayers.  Wishing you health, well being and peace of mind in these uncertain times.  




About Our Coaching Services

We view you as the expert in your life and assist you in excavating truths that allow you to move forward

  • We assist the caregiver in identifying the Spiritual Practice needed to enhance the journey
  • We offer spiritual support, prayers and guided meditations tailored to the caregiver
  • We teach advocacy, mediation and coping skills needed to meet each challenge
  • We offer a sounding board that is a safe haven to express your concerns, fears and needs
  • We offer solutions to family challenges, family mediation and planning
  • We teach you the importance of a “Share the Care” strategy and help you implement it
  • We coach those who care about the caregiver on how to best support the caregiver in their life

Why Self Care?

In the decade that I've been doing this work, my greatest angst, dread and horror has been around caregivers who die before the person they're caring for.  This has happened in far too many instances.  It's happened to caregivers who have been isolated, burning the candles on both ends often time refusing to accept help, prideful in their solo journey of caregiving.  Spouses often feel that they're obligated to do things "themselves" for their spouse.  Too many caregivers are under the illusion that its' their responsibility and will simply handle the burden.  If you know a caregiver who fits any of these descriptions, we want to talk to them and offer support.  Caring in isolation is dangerous to the caregiver and the care recipient.  Friends and Family don't let caregivers care alone.  


Our mission:

TCG's mission is to reduce mortality and morbidity rates among family caregivers by educating, empowering and inspiring caregivers to first take care of self, create a viable plan of care and to help caregivers recognize when they should no longer do the job of caring for a loved one alone.

Our Vision is to provide a safe haven for caregivers to unload, refocus, balance and strategize in order to obtain a healthful state of being in their capacity as caregivers.

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