Proud of the Work Done and Yet to Be Done

As we navigate the first quarter of this year, I'm immensely grateful for the milestone of The Caregiver's Guardian, LLC celebrating ten years.  We Made It Against so many odds, so many challenges and many a revamping and reinventions to figure out a formula that worked.  

My fifteen year journey as a caregiver to my mom would lead to this unlikely journey of creating a business to support family caregivers.  During the journey itself, I did not think that the experiences (many undesired) and the lessons I was learning would soon be the tools that I would use as I began assisting families first, in my community, then all across the country.  Care management would afford the opportunity to support adult children living outside of the state of Colorado and I and my team would become the eyes and ears for those children as we kept a keen eye on their parents.  We supported families of different cultures and life experiences only to discover that our differences were few and that our common humanity would be the tie that bound us.  In the intimacy of caring, we were all drawn to each other as anam cara's (soul friends - carer of the souls).  We honor those families we have been blessed to serve.  We thank each of them for seeking us out for guidance, support, resources, information and strategies to learn and actualize self care as priority.   

To all those who purchased a copy of the book, Tears In My Gumbo, The Caregiver's Recipe for Resilience and shared it with a caregiver, we say Thank You.   Prayers In My Gumbo will be available later in the Spring.  To every church that has allowed TCG to conduct educational symposiums, we are appreciative and hope that the culture of your church is shifting to consider the many caregivers in your midst and their spiritual and emotional needs.  We've only scratched the surface and look forward to supporting you in the future.  

To the companies that we have served and the many more we will serve in this next decade, we thank you for acknowledging that your employee caregivers need support.  TCG is now offering services that will assist the more than 30% of the workforce juggling caregiving responsibilities.  We provide tangible support and provide services that allow the employee caregiver to better handle their caregiving responsibilities so they're able to be focused and productive employees.

To the many organizations that have invited me to speak, to educate, inform and inspire, there are no words sufficient to express my gratitude.  I look forward to the many stages and audiences that will allow me to grace their presence.  

This next decade allows us to expand the message, take Care-ocity International and change the culture of caring around the world.  Because we must!  

Peace and Blessings.  

About Our Coaching Services

We view you as the expert in your life and assist you in excavating truths that allow you to move forward

  • We assist the caregiver in identifying the Spiritual Practice needed to enhance the journey
  • We offer spiritual support, prayers and guided meditations tailored to the caregiver
  • We teach advocacy, mediation and coping skills needed to meet each challenge
  • We offer a sounding board that is a safe haven to express your concerns, fears and needs
  • We offer solutions to family challenges, family mediation and planning
  • We teach you the importance of a “Share the Care” strategy and help you implement it
  • We coach those who care about the caregiver on how to best support the caregiver in their life

Why Self Care?

In the decade that I've been doing this work, my greatest angst, dread and horror has been around caregivers who die before the person they're caring for.  This has happened in far too many instances.  It's happened to caregivers who have been isolated, burning the candles on both ends often time refusing to accept help, prideful in their solo journey of caregiving.  Spouses often feel that they're obligated to do things "themselves" for their spouse.  Too many caregivers are under the illusion that its' their responsibility and will simply handle the burden.  If you know a caregiver who fits any of these descriptions, we want to talk to them and offer support.  Caring in isolation is dangerous to the caregiver and the care recipient.  Friends and Family don't let caregivers care alone.  


Our mission:

TCG's mission is to reduce mortality and morbidity rates among family caregivers by educating, empowering and inspiring caregivers to first take care of self, create a viable plan of care and to help caregivers recognize when they should no longer do the job of caring for a loved one alone.

Our Vision is to provide a safe haven for caregivers to unload, refocus, balance and strategize in order to obtain a healthful state of being in their capacity as caregivers.

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