Everybody Needs a Break

Throughout my caregiving journey with my mom, I found the winter months particularly challenging.  On a cold, bitter day, with temps hovering below zero, my husband asked my mom, what did she want to do?  Thinking she'd say, "play cards or call one of her sisters", mom responded with, "Let's get out of here.  I want to go to the mall."  This was shocking as my mom hated to go out in the cold weather.

Calling her bluff, I bundled her up, and my hubby settled her into the wheelchair accessible van.  I thought my husband was nuts for taking my mom out and mom even nuttier for wanting to go out in such frigid weather.  I made it clear that I would not be joining them and actually, neither of them seemed to care.  They took off.  Once I was certain they were gone, I curled up with hot chocolate and a book I had long been wanting to read.  

They were gone long enough for me to read most of the book and to begin to worry just a bit.  Three hours later I heard the van pull into the garage.  A bit miffed they had been gone so long, I gave my husband an interesting look and asked my mom, "So was it worth it, going out in that bitter cold?"  Mom said "Yup, sure was!  It gave me a spring break from you."