Who can believe that the year is nearly over? This month, the month of gratitude I give thanks for the incredible opportunity to be of service.

To be able to do what I love to do every single day and to expand this important platform of raising awareness, educating and shifting minds about the impact of caregiving, all over the country.

I'm grateful for every audience that has allowed me to grace their stage and share my passion, for every family that's allowed me to be of service to them.

I'm grateful for health, well being, a wonderful and supportive husband, an awesome family and my incredible tribe.

It's National Family Caregiver's Month

This year I am thrilled to partner with Five Wellbeing Spa & Studio of Littleton, Co to offer amazing Spa packages, special events and treats all month long. Click here to learn more info Five Well Being.

If you don't live in the Denver metro area let this be an incentive for you to do some self care or offer a special care package for the important caregiver in your life.

Join Us November 28th @ TeaLee's Celebrates the Caregiver! 10:30-5:00